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Postmates Disappoints Again

Postmates is a failure

In my first Postmates review, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the delivery guy who arrived on his bike carrying a cold, soggy pizza. I thought that would have been my last run with Postmates, This time around, I desperately wanted the Barbuzzo experience without the actual trip to the restaurant. I made the order with Postmates, sucked it up and paid the 3.99 service […]

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More Than Just Ice Cream

Blueberry Cheesecake ice cream for More than Just Ice Cream

More Than Just Ice Cream is exactly as its name suggests. This Philadelphia dessert restaurant serves ice cream, frozen yogurt, various homemade pies, cakes and desserts – in addition to sandwiches, soups and you-name-it. The lighting, seating or something about the place just doesn’t scream dine-in to me. But you probably guess what does scream. More […]

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