Gyokuro Jade Dew tea

Gyokuro Jade Dew is a fragrant Japanese green tea grown in the tea gardens of Uji, Kyoto, the birthplace of Japanese tea and tea master Sen No Rikyu’s tea ceremony. The Gyokuro tea plant is grown in partial shade during the spring, which contributes to its high chlorophyll content. Gyokuro is rich in amino acids, which gives the tea its sweet, rich, mossy, and full-bodied flavor.

gyokuro Japanese green tea

The Gyokuro Jade Dew has a slight astringency that is common with classic Gyokuro. Naturally low in tannins, its needle tea leaves are dark and narrow, with a fresh floral aroma.

I bought the leaves from the House of Tea (August 2017 purchase) and have enjoyed it immensely since. Despite its low tannin levels, the tea has been used to wipe clean my iron cast tea kettle (tetsubin) in order to help reduce rust. I have seen several small rust spots retreat into their darker and less active form.

How I prepared it: 1-2 teaspoons per 4 oz water steeped in 2-3 infusions at 1 minute each, with water temperature between 160˚F-170˚F.