Village Whiskey: Whiskey King Burger

Village Whiskey is named one of the best burger restaurant in Philadelphia. But is it just another overhyped Philly foodie phenoemon? This is my second time ordering the Whiskey King. I remember the burger being absolutely delicious when the place just opened. This time around? Not so much. There is just something about the $26 burger being overtly sweet and too greasy for my clubby paws to grasp.

Don’t get me wrong, Village Whiskey serves good burgers. The sesame bun and 8oz beef patty are fresh and tasty all around. The foie gras and bacon (if that is your thing) are stunning killers – in more ways than one. The result is a level of greasiness that is overwhelming for the casual diner. But if grease is what you are looking for, by all means, eat up.

Village Whiskey burger

They serve “normal” 8oz burgers too. You can customize your own burger, adding eggs or subtracting protein. I hear their veggie burgers are yummy too. And if big expensive burgers aren’t your thing, Shake Shack across the street serves some delicious and affordable burgers and shakes.