Sketch in Fishtown: from Burgers to Tacos

“The best burger in Philly,” they would say. List after list, this whole-in-the-wall Fishtown burger makes the cut. I knew I had to get myself a Sketch Burger eventually. I wanted to confirm it’s glorious title or do my little meh, I’ve had better routine.

So today, I ventured to Fishtown with the boy with the sole intent of trying that burger. We took the blue line and marched to our destination, determined and hungry. The walk that was supposed to be mere minutes felt like – many, many, many minutes. Of course when we finally arrived, Sketch Burger was closed for the holiday. It was Good Friday, after all. And so we left, each carrying an empty stomach and heavy heart.

We opted for the next best option in the area: margaritas and tacos. In keeping with the spirit of lent now, we went with fish from Sancho Pistola’s. I got the Red Tail Bass taco, which was tempura battered with pickled red cabbage, chipotle aioli, and cilantro. The boy got the Tuna taco with charred ahi, togarashi, mango salsa, guac, and honey pasilla. Mine was hotter, his had more flavor, yada, yada. It was no El Vez fish tacos, but it got the job done and we were quickly stuffed.

Sancho Pistola red tail bass taco

The margarita drink specials were delicious and price appropriate. We continued on to Frankfort Hall for some beer, ping pong, and foosball. Maybe I was a little disappointed about the whole burger fiasco, but it was too beautiful a day to stay disappointed.