Postmates Disappoints Again

In my first Postmates review, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the delivery guy who arrived on his bike carrying a cold, soggy pizza. I thought that would have been my last run with Postmates, This time around, I desperately wanted the Barbuzzo experience without the actual trip to the restaurant.

I made the order with Postmates, sucked it up and paid the 3.99 service charge plus 10.99 delivery fee, totaling up to forty dollars. Two minutes later, I received a call from my bank asking me if I had paid $60 something to a restaurant in California. I said no, because obviously my card has been stolen. Minutes later I found out it it was a charge from Postmates… Thank goodness my card wasn’t stolen, but I was obviously overcharged. I plan to call Postmates to complain, only to get a difficult call from what I assume is postdates or Barbuzzo telling me I ordered out-of-date, not-on-the-menu items that were completely unavailable. They sounded a little accusing so I acted defensive and told them I ordered straight off their menu on the Postmates website, which hasn’t even been up for very long. Something, something mumble about telling someone to update the menu. I asked to cancel. Two minutes later I get a text from the delivery guy telling me the same story. Then another call from a customer service rep. I think I ended up effectively canceling my order, but not without a lot of hassle.

It may just be my bad luck, but I am really done with Postmates this time. Two tries with this service and I have no good experience to show for it.