Tria: wine, cheese, beer and a great atmosphere

Wine, cheese, and beer: the trio specialty that makes up Tria, the fantastic wine bar and American dining hot spot in Philly’s Washington Square West. I can’t say I’ve really tried their beer and wine selection, but the food is phenomenal.

Tria soup with beans, sausage, and whatever else that is really good

Tria’s soup of the day… I’m not really sure what it is but it had cheese, beans, sausage and deliciousness!

The Tria I frequent is on Spruce St., but there is another Tria Cafe located in Rittenhouse Square and a Tria Taproom on Walnut St. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are into either wine, cheese, or beer. Personally? It’s a trifecta.

  • Emily

    I love having some wine with Tria cheese platters! The best thing to unwind after a long day.