Philly’s College Fest featuring FS Taste Truck

As part of their nine-city, thousand-mile culinary tour of the east coast, FS Taste Truck stopped at the Philly College Fest to feature their unique menu crafted by chefs from the Four Seasons’ hotels and resorts.

The boy and I had the opportunity to taste some of the food — and they were scrumptious! Their fish taco was some of the best to tour the city. And the sausage was delicious too! I wish I had paid better attention to the fancy menu names, but the sun was ablaze and the glares were too much. We would’ve opted for more, but the food wasn’t cheap, our cash wasn’t bountiful, and a miniature water bottle had already drained $2 from our wallet.

Fish Taco

The fresh greens and sauce definitely made this Four Season’s fish taco a favorite.


The bread was adequate, but the sausage and sauce makes this dish!

It wasn’t all food and photo-ops. We had the chance to actually tour the College Fest, playing games and scoring swags. I wasn’t ashamed to grab an extra large t-shirt and a minute rice case. I stuffed all the other freebies into a free ikea bag that the Boy is now using as a laundry bag.

Coincidentally, there were about two to three other happenings right in the area at the same time. There was an Indian festival and some handmade/antique flea markets just a couple of blocks away. We couldn’t participate in everything due to fear of overheating, but we nevertheless appreciated the opportunity.

And we grabbed some ice cream from an ice cream truck on our way back. Nothing fancy, but it had sprinkles. Overall, I’d say it was a good day.