Paloma chile relleno, branzino, corn chowder, tuna tartare

Paloma is a family-run restaurant that features Mexican haute cuisine with great spices and a French influence. The food is intricate and unique. I dined on a Friday night, but the place was not packed — and I can’t understand why. Paloma is a bit if a hidden gem in Bella Vista, except that it is not. It was voted one of the top restaurants in the city.

I ordered the corn chowder and branzino. The boy ordered tuna tartare and chile relleno. Everything was delicious. The chile relleno is a remarkable dish consisting of stuffed, roasted, poblano pepper covered by a puff pastry, surrounded by a unbelievably scrumtious sauce.


The only photo I captured of the amazing branzino.

The corn chowder was probably the best corn chowder I’ve had. And the recipe is even posted on their blog! Stay tuned for my attempt at replicating Paloma’s corn chowder!

Did I mention Paloma is BYOB?