Ice Skating in Dilworth Park

I went ice skating at the newly opened Rothman Institute Ice Rink at Dilworth Park in Center City. Including rentals, the cost was $12 per person! Not the price I’m accustomed to, but I guess ice skating is not exactly a year round activity.

beautiful philadelphia dilworth park view

I love all the lights of the buildings and christmas trees.

The rink is getting a lot of popular reviews because it’s newly opened and the only outdoor rink to open this early. I prefer the Blue Cross Riverrink at Penn’s Landing, but that won’t be opened until November 28th. I believe the Penn indoor rink in University City is open year round for skating, but time and days open to the public may vary.

Would I come here again? Probably once more if there was an interested party, but I’d definitely rather wait for the Blue Cross Riverrink to open up. Regardless, I think Dilworth Park is worth a visit if you are in the area. They even implemented some grass, which is pretty nice for Center City.