Green Eggs chicken and waffle

I love Green Eggs, but I am very hesitant to make this post. I always go to the Center City location despite the long wait because it is close to me. Luckily there was no wait this time (probably because it’s Friday morning and I probably shouldn’t be getting brunch).

This is my second time getting the chicken and waffles at Green Eggs. My biggest dilemma at brunch is whether to go sweet or savory, so this is the perfect dish to fulfill both requirements. I have never been disappointed with Green Eggs before, and I wasn’t when I first embarked on this dish today.

Green Eggs Chicken and Waffle

As I was nearly through this seemingly great dish, my friend pointed out to me the center of the deep fried chicken: pink. I had finished most of my dish by then. There was nothing to be done at the point short of running to the bathroom to empty the contents of my stomach. I didn’t have the energy for that after last night, so I just hoped that it was just that small part of that one piece that was pink. After all, everything tasted normal up until this point… Or was I so tired?

Luckily, I felt fine and no ill symptoms arose. This was definitely a good reminder for me to be a lot more careful before stuffing my face.