Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving and bacon wrapped turkey

I’m uncertain whether I ate more during the Thanksgiving dinner preparation, the actual dinner, or the previous day’s friends giving lunch.

Thanksgiving turkey brined overnight

Thanksgiving turkey brined overnight. A few extra hours left it a little salty, but it was delicious nonetheless.

The large turkey is from our family dinner. My friendsgiving lunch with the boy the day prior consisting of a 5 lb turkey was a little more modest, but not much considering it was a meal for two. This turkey was wrapped in bacon, which I have to admit, is a pretty great idea.

friends giving lunch with too much food

Friendsgiving lunch with bacon wrapped turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, crescents, stuffing.

We made the gravy out of the grease from the turkey, but there ended up being a lot more onion juice than grease. It turned out okay, but we’ll maybe incorporate more fat next time.

My green bean casserole with extra fried french onion

My green bean casserole with extra fried french onion. I always use at least one full can of french onion.

burnt pumpkin pie

Burnt pumpkin pie had to left outside because of all the smoke. Oops!

Things I learned this Thanksgiving:

1. Bacon-wrapped turkey is delicious. It can prevent the turkey from drying out. It also leaves the bacon tasting like turkey and the turkey tasting a bit like bacon. Definitely worth a try.

2. I really don’t like potato salad. And if you do make potato salad for dinner, know that you can’t please everyone.

3. Don’t burn the pumpkin pie.