Farewell Little Pete’s Diner

Little Pete’s, our beloved and staple diner located in Rittenhouse, has been opened for 36 years and will close some time next year. The surrounding area will be rezoned to allow for the construction of a Hudson Hotel, which will include two levels of retail and a rooftop restaurant.

As exciting as the idea of new retails and restaurants are, nothing can replace Little Pete’s. I’ve been frequenting Little Pete’s for at least 10 years and have had a lot of great meals and fond memories. The prices have risen some in the past years, but are still in the extremely reasonable range. The food and service are great and they’re open 24/7. I must have dined here at least once after a prom. Little Pete’s just has that comforting, familiar atmosphere that makes meals that much more enjoyable.

Little Petes Diner Egg Benedict

Little Pete’s eggs Benedict in a steaming hot casserole dish with Canadian bacon and english muffins baked inside.

I came here with a few friends for lunch today. The staff were kind and personable – perhaps even more so than I’ve ever thought before. My friend Nia arrived late so the staff kept her food warm and ready in the back. The diner is always packed full at lunch time, but we were never rushed or ignored. Their food is not unbelievably good – but it is good, it’s safe, and it’s Little Pete’s.